About Carly-May

Hello! I’m Carly-May, a freelance journalist with a BSc in Politics and International Relations from the University of Southampton.

I’m currently studying for my NCTJ Diploma in Journalism at Brighton Journalist Works.

Below you can find the most recent words that I’ve written. I accept freelance work, so please feel free to get in touch!

BN1 chats to… Childcare | BN1

Carly-May Kavanagh talks to British guitar Childcare about increasing fame and the value of small live music venues

Campaign to create care packages for homeless women

A magazine founder is raising money to distribute care packages to homeless women in Brighton this winter. Caitlin-Finn Ballard, 22, who works at a music agency in London and co-runs King Mob Magazine, got the idea after watching BBC documentary Girls Living on the Streets of Brighton, released earlier this year.

BN1 chats to… Wild Front | BN1

Carly-May Kavanagh talks to Southampton-based rockers Wild Front, about touring and the importance of local venues.


Brighton people hang hot water bottles on trees for homeless

Volunteers in Brighton are tying hot water bottles to trees to help homeless people trying to stay warm this winter. The Hot Water Bottle Network is made possible by community volunteers who donate hot water bottles. Notes are attached with directions to local businesses which will provide hot water.


All The Gigs I’ve Been to in Brighton – Google My Maps

A map of every gig venue I’ve visited in Brighton, the venues I will visit for the rest of the year, and the gigs they are for.

“If you can you should right? That’s the motto”: An Interview with Years & Years’ Emre Türkmen

It’s been three years now since the release of Years & Years’ debut album, in 2015. Since then, the three-piece band have been working on their upcoming album, Palo Santo, complete with a sci-fi inspired world of androids and humans. I sat down with Emre Türkmen to talk about the eagerly awaited second album, Eurovision, and Bitcoins.

How are LGBT+ Characters Presented in Sitcoms?

Across TV, especially sitcoms, there is an increasing amount of good LGBT+ representation. The first ever LGBT+ character I was aware of on TV was Friends’ Carol Willick, who we meet early on in Season 1 following her separation from Ross Gellar because she’s a lesbian.

Local People to See This Festival Season

Hampshire is home to a huge amount of talented artists, from the folk punk prowess of Frank Turner to Craig David, who, according to my editor, is definitely famous in Florida and “Big enough to play at the Queen’s birthday party”. If that isn’t an endorsement, I’m not quite sure what is.

People to check out at The Great Escape

The Great Escape is fast approaching, taking place from May 17th-19th in Brighton’s city centre. My calendar already has four, five, and sixway clashes, and I’ve got a place to stay in that comes with its very own adorable cavapoo, so what could possibly left to do to prepare other than looking at some of the best people performing over the weekend?

“I want them to feel something, that’s the main thing” – An interview with Bryde

After years in folk duo Paper Aeroplanes, Bryde (aka Sarah Howells) has gone solo. Last week, she brought her vulnerable, authentic and heavy music to Southampton’s latest music venue, Heartbreakers. I sat down with her before the gig to ask her about her record label, her songwriting process, and vulnerability.

Review: Girli at The Joiners, Southampton

Hearing comments from passersby assuming Girli’s gig at The Joiners was an underage night did leave me wondering about how tonight would be, especially considering the usual acts The Joiners attracts (definitely heavier, usually rock, rarely still a teenager). As unsure as I was about what to expect, Girli definitely provided the experience I was expecting.

This Month in Local Live Acts: April

As we edge towards festival season (starting just next month, can you believe it?!), gigs are abundant across Southampton. Of course, you can always go elsewhere, but why would you want to? Special mentions go to The Sex Pissed Dolls for having my favourite band name of the month, and anyone going to Salisbury for a gig.